Welcome to the Cell Polarity & Morphogenesis lab

February 25, 2016 February 25, 2016


Like epitheilal cells, neurons are highly polarized cells. In the case of neurons, the differentiation of the plasma membrane into an axon and the somato-dendritic compartment is crucial to the formation of neural circuits during nervous system development. In this context, we are interested in discovering new principle as well as cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern polarized axon growth. To this end, we have conducted a genetic screen in the Drosophila the larval visual system. This screen has led to the discovery of 83 genes whose function is required for axonogenesis, 32 of which also regulate neurite outgrwoth in mouse PC12 cells. The corresponding proteins regulates the cell cytoskeleton, polarity, trafficking and protein ubiquitination, and, current work in the lab aims at characterizing their functions duing neuronal polarization and axonogenesis.

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